About The Workshop

Back in June of 2020, VPin Workshop founding members Benji and Iaakki had been discussing the difficulty that authors were having collaborating on VPX projects. The traditional methods seemed slow and cumbersome. It was then that an idea was born. What if there was a space that original authors could work together and share ideas?

This workshop, as it would become known, could be a place to assist authors with enhancing the physics, inserts, and lighting of new VPX releases. With that goal in mind, VPin Workshop was created on Discord and authors Brad1X, Tomate, Wrd1972, Flupper, and Sixtoe joined soon after.

Since then VPW has grown to over one hundred members from all corners of the globe. Each member bringing their own talent, specialized skills, and love for pinball.

Now with dozens of releases under their belt, VPW has become well known in the community for their quality releases and for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of virtual pinball.